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Mapping from ER Model to Relational Model

This represents removing the relationship between the user with id=1 and all repositories.



Store(<ROW_CALL>, <FIELD>=<ROW>)


Store writes the results of <ROW_CALL> to the specified row. If the row already exists, it will be replaced. The destination field must be of field type set.

Result Type: boolean

Upon success, this method always returns true. A future version of Pilosa may use this boolean result to indicate whether or not the data in the destination row was changed by the Store call.


Store the contents of stargazer row 1 into stargazer row 2:

Store(Row(stargazer=1), stargazer=2)

Store the results of the intersection of stargazer rows 10 and 11 into stargazer row 20.

Store(Intersect(Row(stargazer=10), Row(stargazer=11)), stargazer=20)