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Management Information Systems:

the Positive Impact Initiative is UNEP FI’s response to the SDG financing challenge:

Rethinking Impact to Finance the SDGs , our position paper and call to action, lays out the conceptual basis for this initiative. The paper pinpoints the as yet unexplored potential for positive impacts to generate revenues and be the heart of business models. It suggests that new, impact-based business models can significantly decrease the cost of achieving the SDGs and give rise to business and financing solutions at scale. The paper follows our 2015 Positive Impact Manifesto, which called for a new business and financing approach for sustainable development.

When it comes to practice, the Principles for Positive Impact Finance launched in 2017, provide lenders, investors and a stakeholders with a working definition of positive impact finance, and a high level framework to enable them to analyse, manage and deliver impact across business lines.

The PI Radar and Model Frameworks are now available to help implement the Principles:

  • The Model Frameworks help banks and investors develop or adapt appropriate frameworks to implement holistic impact analysis, for decision-making, for the development of financial products, and for the overall review of portfolios
  • The Impact Radar provides a taxonomy of impacts and impact definitions to identify both positive and negative impacts

The initiative is championed by a core group of UNEP FI Members and supported by a wide group of other stakeholders in the public and private sectors. These are now engaged in testing and further developing the toolkit to drive impact in mainstream finance.

The Positive Impact Initiative is generously supported by the European Commission.