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Manage risk evaluated or caused by cyber test and evaluation tools.

The data that is processed during evaluation can come from many different sources, including:

• Current tests ; Test ing

• Previous tests ; More formally, ” test” is defined in the DAU Glossary as:

• Modeling and simulation; any program or procedure that is designed to obtain, verify, or provide data for the evaluation of any of the

• Analysis ; following: ( 1) progress in accomplishing developmental

• Inspection; objectives; (2) the performance, operational capabili ty and suitability of systems, subsystems, components, and

• Demonstration; equipment items; and (3) the vulnerability and lethali ty of systems, subsystems, components, and equipment items. • Expert opinion.

Whatever the source of the data, it must be analyzed first before information useful to decision-makers can be generated.

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TST102 Fundamentals of Test Evaluation

Lesson 19 – Analysis and Evaluation RESOURCES I PR INT I HELP

Knowledge Review

Which of the following is NOT an example of testing?

Bench testing of components

lJ Firing of a cannon

Ship shock trials

./ Comparing results to simulation

Check Answer

Comparing results to simulation is an evaluation func tion all the o ther answers were examples o f testing functions.

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TST102 Fundamentals of Test Evaluation