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major takeaways or major lessons learned from studied continuous improvement

ASSIGNMENT PROMPT #7:  Reflection Post

In your work experiences and perhaps your undergrad degree you’ve been exposed to and studied continuous improvement.  Some of the more popular models are; Deming, Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma, Lean and Total Quality Management (TQM).  While some of the models are pretty elaborate, all consist of the following items.

· Identify – Opportunities in the process workflow

· Plan – How can the current process be improved?

· Execute – Implement changes

· Review – how changes are working

With the completion of your project, it is now time to review and reflect.  Why? Without a review and reflection you have no idea whether or not your decision is working. So regardless if your organizations uses continuous improvement or not, in order to know if your creative decisions are making an impact, you need to gather feedback, review and reflect.


One way of thinking about our life and career is to consider the lessons learned along the way.  A great philosopher once said, we learn much more from our mistakes than we do when everything goes well. Since we were not able to truly implement our creative solutions from your design thinking project, we will reflect upon lessons you are learned from the process and how you will implement those into your life. This week you have the chance to reflect on major takeaways and apply this learning to your career.

With these thought in mind:

Please provide at least three (3) major takeaways or major lessons learned from the class.  Finally, suggest at least two (2) ways you can apply this learning to your career and two (2) techniques you would like to develop further. Justify your responses.