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level of system access

In the implementation of any new system, it is necessary to ensure that the Consumer community is best positioned to utilize the system once deployment efforts have been validated. Therefore, all necessary training activities must be scheduled and coordinated. As this training is often the first exposure to the system for many individuals, it should be conducted as professionally and competently as possible. A positive training experience is a great first step towards Customer acceptance of the system. During System Implementation it is essential that everyone involved be absolutely synchronized with the deployment plan and with each other. Often the performance of deployment efforts impacts many of the Performing Organization’s normal business operations. Examples of these impacts include: ◆ Consumers may experience a period of time in which the systems that they depend on to perform their jobs are temporarily unavailable to them. They may be asked to maintain detailed manual records or logs of business functions that they perform to be entered into the new system once it is operational. ◆ Technical Services personnel may be required to assume significant implementation responsibilities while at the same time having to continue current levels of service on other critical business systems. ◆ Technical Support personnel may experience unusually high volumes of support requests due to the possible disruption of day-to-day processing.