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Law for Business

ONE course, which may be selected from either the following list of three courses, OR from the remaining courses on the list above, with the general requirement that at least one of the four courses selected be a noneconomics course. Consultation with a faculty adviser will seek to determine the best combination of courses, based on the interests and needs of the student. Again, each course is worth 4 credits:

  • MOB 3560 Global Strategic Management
  • LAW 3560 International Law for Business
  • ECN 3650 Contemporary Economic Systems

Courses Suggested But Not Required

Students can achieve additional breadth in their knowledge of the international business environment through other advanced liberal arts electives that deal with global or regional issues, in areas as diverse as history, politics, and anthropology. Students should consult with the concentration adviser to consider the best choice.

  • Language study (to facilitate communications in specific business environments)
  • HIS 3680 Modern China (for deeper study of national historical and political context in China’s economy)