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Through publications and other activities, the aim of the Centre is to make state bodies and other public administration institutions, physical and juridical persons aware of the laws and international agreements, ratifi ed or adhered to, of normative acts of the Council of Ministers, ministers and directors of other central institutions, other important acts issued by state bodies and institutions, and the text books of the literature of law, to protect their rights and interests and consolidate legal and constitutional order12. The mission of enter has been further enriched in the new law adopted in 201213 and then to the last law adopted on 201414. Progress has been made with regard to the publication deadlines too: the old law 8502 (now abolished) provided that the Centre shall publish the acts in the Offi cial Journal within 30 days from submission. The today’s standard, provided by the law 78/2014 requires only10 days. Online publication had no legal value in Albania till 2012. The old law 8502 stated in its art 7 that the SPC’s Council adopts the cases and modes of electronic publication of the Offi cial Journal. The purpose for these publications is merely to inform the concerned persons of its content, without generating juridical eff ects. Likewise, full or partial replication of the Offi cial Journal by third parties, through any type of means, was prohibited. Since the law 96/2012, “On State Publication Center”, for the fi rst time ever in the history of the Albanian State, all legal norms were put to eff ect through online publication of the Offi cial Journal. A limited number of offi cial journal still were allowed though to become published, to preserve the continuity of the historic tradition. The new law No.78/2014 included the publication of the offi cial bulletin on public procurements as an organic function of the State Publishing15 Center, which in the meantime acquired judicial force through online publication.