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Labor Standards Data System –

The links on this page will take you to the website, which provide information on key systems and concepts in TSDS:

Education Data Warehouse – a district-facing database the allows LEAs to store data in a central place and use it for multiple reporting purposes

State-Sponsored SIS– two student information systems that were enhanced to meet TEA’s standards, including built-in disaster recovery, and are offered at not-to-exceed rates

student GPS® Dashboards – a collection of reports and metrics that provide educators with access to student performance information to improve education outcomes

Training and Support – a tiered system that provides first-line training and help through the LEAs and ESCs

· Technical Resources – more detailed and technical information on TSDS, including user guides for a number of systems

TEDS DataStandards – a collection of data standards for loading data to the EDW on its way to TSDS PEIMS, the studentGPS® Dashboards, and other TSDS systems.

TPEIR PublicReports – a publicly accessible, aggregated, FERPA-compliant longitudinal data warehouse that links students from pre-K through enrollment and graduation from Texas colleges (P-20)

TSDS PEIMS – the new software application for the state’s Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) that allows LEAs to load, validate, and submit their mandatory reporting data

Unique ID – an identity management system that creates randomly generated unique identifiers to support all the subsystems of TSDS and to provide cleaner longitudinal education data