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Jokes and their Relation to Society

We Don’t Have to Move on to the Next Thing If It’s Destructive to the Moment

When we have completed the heavenly thing that we did that was special and brought much joy, we have every right in the world to abstain from what brings us down.

Part of remaining in a heavenly state is not allowing negativity to distract us thereafter. We don’t have to have to participate in the guilt-ridden group text, get sucked in to the [Bad] News, and we don’t have to go back to the self destructive ways we once participated in.

In order to keep the good vibe rolling and keep creating our New Earth, we must focus on the things and feelings we want and let go of the things and feelings we don’t want.

We Were Made to Conquer and Enjoy Life

Life is not only about survival. Life is also about having a good time and making happy moments.

We are here for a reason. Some people may have more difficult paths than others but we all have one common goal: To Heal our Soul and Evolve.

Whether you believe in the after-life or not, we are all here to better ourselves and advance. Part of advancing as a Person and as a Soul is letting the Light in and letting Positivity reign.

Good things can’t happen in a negative space. Good life can’t thrive where only negativity is active.