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Is Partition a Solution to Civil War?

PAU-level share of Southerners that we actually observe in our sample as a proxy for the prevalence of Southerners in any respondent’s neighborhood. Across all of these specifications, the effect of riot exposure varies only minimally and retains statistical and substantive significance.31 Alternative Measures of Violence Exposure One question that remains is how sensitive our results are to how we measure exposure to violence in general and riot exposure in particular. The consequences of a riot surely differ from those of a prolonged civil war, although Panel A of Table 3 suggests that riot exposure and exposure to the war with the SPLA may be similar in their effects on support for separation, at least for a plausible subsample of respondents: column (1) indicates no effect of war exposure across all Northerners, but column (2) shows an effect for individuals of North-Central origin, the core constituency of the SPLA’s primary war opponent, the government in Khartoum.32 We exclude those who fought in the war in column (3), since exposure