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A Definition of Inventory Control

Inventory control is such a critical piece of an organization’s operations and bottom line that it is too important to leave to human error or antiquated systems. That’s why so many companies opt to invest in inventory control systems, so that all of the components of inventory control are managed by one integrated system.

Advantages of Inventory Control

scanner for inventory controlThe ultimate goal of your inventory control should be to maximize your organization’s use of inventory. When you maintain proper inventory levels, you can rest easily knowing that your capital is not unnecessarily tied up in your inventory. If you are in manufacturing, inventory control also protects production if there are problems with bottlenecking or the supply chain.

Typical benefits of a computerized inventory control system include…

Increased profitability
Having enough stock on hand so that you don’t run out
Barcodes and inventory control labels to track inventory efficiently
Reduction or elimination of inventory write-offs
The ability to conduct audits more quickly and efficiently
Pros of Computerized Inventory Control

If you handle several warehouse locations or need to access your inventory levels on the go, a computerized inventory control system may be right for your organization’s needs. Inventory control software solutions are more efficient than manual ones, allowing for more flexibility and an easier time retrieving information. Computerized inventory control systems allow you to quickly get a real-time glimpse into your inventory value. Other beneficial features of computerized inventory control include…

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