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interoperability testing

. Understanding the Mindset of the Client

It may sound basic, yet many professionals overlook the need of business. Understanding business requirements and product features is one thing; understanding the mindset of client and audience is another. In an effort to translate the business requirements into working software, we often indulge in too many technical details and overwhelmed with our own priorities. Sometimes, mistakenly, we prioritize some modules and features because we find it more interesting and challenging; ignoring the value that it adds to the business.

Before embarking on software testing planning, you need to understand the perspective of client. You can simplify the process by pondering over following parameters:

Functionality as core

Different products address different business needs. If you are building a financial application, the focus of client will be on the functionality of application. You will need to consider technical details as a minor mistake may have major impact. Similarly, if you are building inventory management system, the color scheme and user interface would not hold much value for the client.

User friendliness and interface

On the contrary, if you are developing a hotel booking or tour planner website – color scheme, layout and ease of use holds greater value. In this case, the client is not interested in addressing the complex corner cases, rather he has a priority for user interface of website and its smooth flow.