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Integrative knowledge and transdisciplinarity

The initiators are UNED-UK (coordinator), International Campaign for Responsible Technology (I-CRT), Union of International Associations (UIA), Right to Know Network, and Environmental Partnership of Central and Eastern Europe (EPCE).

IHEAL-Europe was previewed at the European EcoForum meeting in Moldova (April 1999). It was launched at the Third European Conference on Environment and Health (London, June 1999), convened by the World Health Organization (WHO/EURO), and its parallel Healthy Planet Forum.

Initial financial support for IHEAL-Europe has been provided by DGXI of the European Commission. Matching funds and resources contributed by the UNED-UK, I-CRT and UIA.

The IHEAL Network has been in the forefront of promoting best practices in electronic information dissemination, using electronic access, Internet communication, and geographic information systems (GIS) technologies. IHEAL’s website — — provides user-friendly links to some 600 electronic databases and other resources for environment and health information. The IHEAL Environment & Health Internet Links Directory invites users to promote links to electronic information, creating a truly interactive method of updating and refreshing the site’s database.

The UIA has been involved in the IHEAL project since its inception. Our own Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential project aims to map the connections between the problems humanity is faced with, and the strategies envisaged to address them. The Encyclopedia includes problems and strategies relating to environmental health, and it is this sub-set of information that the UIA has contributed to the IHEAL database