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People with a positive attitude are able to be open—to talk about their problems with their family, friends, and physicians. They feel good about themselves and generally have been that way all their lives. It often is very hard to change lifelong patterns such as your psychological reaction to daily living.

The will to live is therefore a spiritual, emotional, and ethical commodity. It needs nurturing and developing; if controlled, it can strengthen a person’s resolve to survive. There is a direct correlation between a person’s mental and emotional states.

We measure successes and failures in life by our standards and ideals as we strive for goals in work, relationships, and health. To live just for survival makes for a shallow life. Victory is for those who have the courage and stamina to fight and endure each of life’s many struggles and who always have goals and the satisfaction of aspiring to reach them— whether they succeed or fail. This is the “challenge of life.”

We can help ourselves and others live better if we:

  • Live in the present and in the future, not in the past.
  • Set reasonable goals as to what can be accomplished.
  • Accept new problems and attempt to solve them through understanding and increased awareness.
  • Try to resolve depression and negative emotions.
  • Actively do things to help ourselves and others.
  • Learn techniques to relax and practice mind control by using simple methods to calm down, such as yoga or tai chi, or practice biofeedback or visualization.