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injection of viable tumor cells

The administration of ammonium chloride (2.5% in diet) for 7 days induced metabolic acidosis and significantly reduced the growth of tumors in tumor bearing mice. Experimental tumors were induced by injection of viable tumor cells sc (lymphosarcoma 6C3HED, adenocarcinoma 10232 or fibrosarcoma SaD2). …20 animals were used per group.
/OTHER TOXICITY INFORMATION/ Effects of ammonium chloride on the retina have been demonstrated when rabbits were given 20 to 50 mg/kg via the common carotid artery. After a single injection, alterations of the electroretinogram and the histology of the retina were short lasting, but after three daily injections the changes were irreversible. Feeding ammonium chloride for 120 days to rabbits with the liver damaged and the adrenals removed to maintain a high concentration of ammonium ions in the blood caused permanent changes in the electroretinogram and degeneration of the ganglion cell layer of the retina.