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Influence Employee Performance

Leaders of successful, high-growth companies understand that innovation is what drives growth (Bhatia, 2013). They believe that innovation is achieved by awesome people with a shared relentless growth attitude and shared passion for problem solving and for turning ideas into realities. Innovation is founded on a company’s ability to recognize market opportunities and as a result, build a sustainable innovation organization from this (Burton & Thakur, 2009). According to Sinek (2014), there is currently a wide consensus on the idea that a participative leadership style is more likely to encourage innovation. Burton and Thakur (2009) argues that participative decision making is the most suitable approach for managers because many people take part in the decisionmaking process and a large number of employees feel committed to the decision. This can led to the emergence of new ideas and tends to eliminate objections during implementation. Wide participation also ensures that fewer aspects are overlooked and tends to reduce the trauma of major changes. Review of the related literature also indicates that employee involvement and participative decision making is, not only linked to but also, necessary for innovation. Sinek (2014) argues that participative decision making can be considered as a base which shapes and organizes the innovation team.