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  1. 7. FS 1 The Learner’s Development and Environment  My Reflections 1. Imagine yourself organizing your classroom in the future. In what grade/year level do you see yourself? What routines and procedures would you consider for this level? Why? If I am going to organize my classroom in the future, I will choose the secondary level specifically the fourth year. I choose fourth year because they are soon to graduate and I want to impart some knowledge and values o them before they stepped into college. I will make some routines that I know will be effective to them and procedures that will surely make the classroom organized and conducive to learning. I will provide a permissive and stimulating atmosphere to get the attention of the learners to raise questions and I will create a desirable environment through the use of a variety of instructional materials. 2. Make a list of the rules you are likely to implement in this level. Why would you choose these rules? If I am going to make rules, my rules are: students are strictly advised to wear their proper uniforms, observe proper etiquette, speak kindly and respectfully to each other, take care of the classroom equipment, late comers should not be tolerated, everyone must pay attention if someone is talking at the front,, and so on and so forth. I choose these rules because the rules are not commonly observed and followed by the students nowadays so I want it to be back and train them in order for them to be disciplined. 3. Should learners be involved in making the class rules? Why? For me, it’s a yes because it’s one way of the learners to express their opinions or point of views about the classroom rules. This can be done the classroom is democratic and all are open to share and speak out, however the students should know their limits because teachers are still higher than them. It depends on the teacher if he/she will let his/her students be involved in making the class rules or the teacher will alone establish the rules because for him/her, the classroom must be autocratic.
  2. 8. FS 1 The Learner’s Development and Environment  My Portfolio Include here pictures of the classroom/s you observed. Write descriptions/annotations about what you observed in each photo.