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  1.  The Learner’s Development and Environment 6. Observe the noise level in the classroom. How is this managed? Sometimes the noise level in the classroom cannot be managed but when the teacher started to change her tone (mad tone), the students attention are directly at the teacher. Sometimes, the teacher warns the noisy students by giving them minus so the students will follow her but most of the time, the students are really noisy especially those students at the back. 7. If a learner is not following instructions or is off-task, what does the teacher do? Describe the behavior strategies used. When the learner is off-task, the teacher then tells the student that he/she is not following instructions. When the learner is still not following , then that’s the time that the teacher will warn the student about his behavior and take some actions regarding this matter. 8. What does the teacher do to reinforce positive behaviors? (behavior strategies). When a student has a desirable behavior, the teacher then gives positive reinforcements to him/her. The teacher gives extra points to those who will participate actively. The teacher will also give encouraging remarks like “very good” to make the students to be motivated in participating in the class. Observation Notes:  Boys at the back are sometimes noisy.  They sometimes don’t clean the room before 7:00am.  Students get easily distracted by noise.  Student’s span of attention is just short.  Some of the students can’t work independently.
  2. 5. FS 1 The Learner’s Development and Environment CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT MATRIX Aspect of Classroom Management Description Effect on the Learners (to be filled up after you answer the analysis questions) 1. Specific Areas in the Classroom At the back, there are no things displayed there while in the front area of the classroom, there is only the teacher’s table. The classroom will be spacious because there are just few things that are present in the classroom. It will not be presentable to the students. 2. Classroom Rules It is not in the classroom but the students are aware of it because the teacher always reminds them about it. Students will control their behavior because there are rules to be followed. By this, they will learn to discipline themselves. 3. Classroom Procedures The procedures are clear to the students and it’s also effective to the learning of the students. The learning of the students will be more productive because of the procedures implemented. 4. Daily Routines Sometimes, daily routines are followed but sometimes there are routines that are not followed and forgotten too. Students will be guided of what will they do in the whole period of class. There will be no hassle or problems if all is organized. 5. Seating Arrangement The seating arrangement is not observed in the room. Majority of the girls are at the front while boys are seated at the back. Some of the students will not be closed because the seating arrangement is based on what seat the students want to be seated. 6. Handling misbehavior/off- task behavior The teacher will first tell the student about his/her behavior then if he/she is still not listening, he/she will warn the student instead of scolding. The learner will realize that he/she is wrong about her behavior, and then she/he will not repeat his/her behavior again.