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The general consensus among construction professionals is that CMAR saves time and money compared to design-bid-build, but not compared to design-build. However, quality can be higher with CMAR than with design-build, and CMAR is a better match for larger, more complex projects than design-build is.

Integrated project delivery (IPD), sometimes called integrated team, is the newest of the major project delivery methods. This method sets up the owner, the architect, and the contractor as a team that shares risk equally. Often, they become legally bound in a single contract, and this may expand to include other consultants and subcontractors. 

This approach strives to increase efficiency through collaboration and integration. The United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce estimates 30 percent of construction costs can be saved when integrated project teams work together and seek continuous improvement across a series of construction projects. Single projects with integrated teams can save two to 10 percent. 

Early participation of the general contractor and continued active involvement by the owner are hallmarks of IPD. This closer cooperation drives the advantages of IPD, and project participants generally have fewer disputes, claims, and conflicts. Therefore, the absence of litigation and arbitration offers another source of cost savings and efficiency.

Because the architect and contractor participate in the project entity equally, they are a jointly accountable. In discussing the advantages, IPD specialist firm gkkworks notes, “Experts in design and construction contribute to ALL phases of the project.”

However, there are some drawbacks: Finalizing project criteria and reaching a contract can be difficult and time consuming, the CMAA says. In addition, the smooth management of the team may depend most on the individuals involved, and team selection can be challenging. 

The method works well for complex private projects, projects with tight deadlines, or those where the scope is not well defined. Government entities usually are barred from IPD because it lacks competitive bidding. The American Institute of Architects has compiled an indepthguidetoimplementingIPD

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