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implementing federal, state and local standards and regulations for long-term services

Standards and Regulation Implements federal, state and local standards and regulations for long-term services and supports, educates staff about processes that are dictated by these standards and regulations, and institutes proactive strategies to meet and exceed standards.  Maintains current knowledge of, and complies with, applicable federal, state and local standards and regulations for longterm services and supports, as well as their implications for the practice of long-term services and supports.  Educates staff and other departments about processes that are dictated by regulations and standards. Alerts staff to relevant changes in regulations and standards.  Interprets regulatory standards for individuals and their family/support networks.  Establishes systems and protocols that meet and exceed regulatory standards and compliance requirements.  Implements necessary corrective action after analyzing areas of non-compliance. Documents all incidents and communications with staff.  Institutes proactive risk-management strategies. Back to Financial-Legal Core Competencies Table Mid-Level Manager Competency Development Guide 16 Human Resources Core Competencies Core Attribute: The mid-level manager has skills to hire and retain staff and to continuously develop himself/herself and staff. Domain Behaviors that Demonstrate Competency Human Resources Management • Develops, implements and evaluates strategies to recruit and retain staff and volunteers/interns, where appropriate, by aligning the organization’s mission, vision and values with the department’s short- and longterm goals. • Complies with legal and regulatory requirements, and ensures worker safety. • Optimizes the performance of the workforce by effectively managing himself/herself, the work and the team. Successfully collaborates with other people and groups