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implement training program incentives

One of the most popular stereotypes of older employees is their inability to learn new technologies and resistance to changes. Employers need to embrace this stereotype and offer programs for older employees to learn computer skills, retrain existing skills, and offer multiple opportunities to gain new skills.

Employers are also encouraged to implement training program incentives in the recruitment procedures for older employees.  This strategy will help build a highly qualified workforce as well as a workforce willing to work. By companies engaging and continuing to train employees of any age group, the employees may feel like an important asset and may work harder and more effectively. Creating a positive attitude with all employees and the whole workplace brings a more effective and healthier workforce with a reduced turnover of employees in any age group.W

An employer should provide flexible policies capable of accommodating any situation. Flexible schedules, flexible work options, and flexible retirement options all help recruit experienced and highly qualified employees, retain and engage the employee by allowing them some control of their work environment, and encourage their desire to remain employed. Flexibility in the workplace is important for all employees regardless of age; however, flexibility is especially important to older employees who may have aging parents or grandchildren or many other reason that require some accommodations and flexibility to manage their work schedule and environment. Businesses willing to offer these flexible arrangements gain a competitive edge because of a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce.