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Business and Enterprise Systems is the Information Technology (IT) leader for the Air Force (AF) community and Department of Defense (DoD), delivering comprehensive IT solutions and providing expert contracting, acquisition and program management support. BES acquires, operates, sustains and enables enterprise IT capabilities while bolstering the modernization of the infrastructure to support the warfighter across the combat and mission support spectrum. MISSION Rapidly acquire, operate, sustain and enable flexible war-winning business systems capabilities VISION Rapidly exploits technology, adopts innovation, fosters an agile workforce and balances affordability with sufficient capacity and capability…enabling every Airman, every day, to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace! GLOBAL IMPACT • Delivers innovative enterprise IT solutions for the benefit of the warfighter • Provides a robust, globally interconnected network environment where timely data is shared seamlessly among users, applications and platforms • Supports the AF Network Operations (AF NetOps) goal of promoting netcentricity WHO WE ARE • 2,300+ personnel across four states (AL, OH, TX, UT) • 156 Programs • 70+ Stakeholders • Annual Portfolio Value: $1.025B (FY17) BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS (BES) HI CONTACT BES Strategic Communications: 5 CONTACT BES Vendor Communication Website: VENDOR COMMUNICATIONS HI We developed relationships with our Industry Partners, delved deeply into issues affecting the BES Directorate, exchanged meaningful information and incorporated many of your ideas. The Vendor Communications Forum has definitely helped make us a better organization. The Numbers In November 2011, BES established a new methodology to enhance government and industry relationships. We hosted vendor communications events that have benefited both BES and its industry partners. These distinct events are steps to make communications a central part of BES culture. BES vendor communications events have created a frequent dialogue between BES, our partners and potential partners, generated networking opportunities and created open and transparent processes. Through these initiatives, BES has fostered stronger governmentindustry relationships and enabled industry to directly hear some of the challenges and opportunities BES faces in order to continue to acquire, operate, sustain and enable enterprise IT capabilities to support the warfighter. 340 ATTENDEES PER EVENT VENDOR COMMUNICATIONS INITIATIVES