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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications,

Social media analytics is the process of gathering data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses.[1]

Social media analytics is an interdisciplinary area that is used in social science and computer sciences interchangeably. Social media analytics provides a human trace to the social scientist which could be used in wide spectrum of disciplines such as sociologypolitical sciences, and geologySocial media provides two broad contexts from social scientist perspective; it provides a wide range of data in already well established social science subjects such as political sciences and sociology, and social media sometimes is seen as a fundamental change in underlying assumptions of the social theory. Political scientists can follow unfolding political protest online[2] and the exchange of information between communities of different languages.[3] Meanwhile, it is very difficult to connect the social scientific understanding of social to social media data. For example, the concept of conventional friendship hardly applies to the concept of friendship in social media.[4]