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Identify the three most infamous totalitarian rulers and how they earned that reputation.

In the United States and other nations around the world, we enjoy a democratic form of government. A democracy allows us to elect our leaders and lets the people have a say in the government. However, there is also a form of government that is the exact opposite of a democracy. That is known as totalitarianism.

Totalitarian countries do not give their people a say in the government. Instead, a totalitarian country is ruled by a single dictator or group that is not elected by the people. These leaders don’t just enact laws. They control all aspects of public and private life. There is no limit to what a totalitarian government can control.

Totalitarian countries do not allow free speech or freedom of the press. Some ideas and religions may even be forbidden. The government has full control, while citizens have little to no freedom. Totalitarian leaders often rule through fear and have secret police forces. In some nations, certain religious or political populations may be targeted. Speaking out against the government is strictly prohibited in these nations.