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Identify the prefixes and suffixes used to name polyatomic ions

Experiment Naming Ionic and Molecular Compounds

Materials Student Supplied Materials

Quantity Item Description 1 Box of colored pencils or highlighters 1 Computer printer 1 Digital camera or smartphone 1 Package of note cards 1 Pen or pencil 1 Sheet of paper

Note: To fully and accurately complete all lab exercises, you will need access to:

1. A computer to upload digital camera images.

2. Basic photo editing software such as Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint®, to add labels, leader lines, or text to digital photos.

3. Subject-specific textbook or appropriate reference resources from lecture content or other suggested resources.

Note: The packaging and/or materials in this LabPaq kit may differ slightly from that which is listed above. For an exact listing of materials, refer to the Contents List included in your LabPaq kit.