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Identification and control of non-conformances

All persons engaged in work on a construction site must have completed a General Induction course and have been (or are being) issued with the relevant General Induction card (white card) before being allowed to commence work on the site. Details of all training (including general induction training) are included on the Training and Competencies Register. (b) Workplace-specific induction Persons who will be working in a construction workplace will be provided with information regarding WHS issues relevant to this workplace before commencing work activities. This training will be provided by the workplace supervisor in conjunction, and any other personnel as required. This training will include at least the following topics:  Workplace WHSE management  Workplace layout  Specific task or job requirements  Traffic hazards and vehicle/plant movement  General hazards present in the workplace (including specific control measures)  Hazardous materials controls  Personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE) requirements  Workplace emergency procedures (including reporting of incidents)  Location, selection and use of fire extinguishers  Identity of first aid attendants and location of first aid kits and facilities. Workplace-specific Safety Rules will be included in inductions for all employees, subcontractors and visitors to the workplace. We will ensure that all persons under our control adhere to these rules at all times, with offenders subjected to appropriate disciplinary measures. We will ensure that all persons are provided with a copy of the rules, or shown a copy of the rules which will also be displayed in the workplace. Each person will sign an attendance record as evidence that they have attended training and been properly instructed in the topics listed on the attendance record. Subcontractors and visitors to the workplace will be inducted along the lines of the topics listed above, and will be given by the workplace supervisor or the WHS officer before the person will be allowed to commence work or visit the site. Only workers who have attended this induction will be permitted into the workplace. (c) Competency based training Only those persons who hold the relevant Certificate of Competency or class of licence will be allowed to operate specific plant or machinery, or carry out certain occupations. A Training and Competencies Register will be compiled specifying the training and competencies of persons who will be undertaking these occupations and tasks. (d) Toolbox meetings and training Regular toolbox meetings and talks will be conducted to discuss particular hazards and risk controls, and to provide additional information regarding site safety rules, etc. These talks will also include training and refresher training on topics such as selection and use of PPE, fire equipment, tools and equipment, etc. Records will be made and kept of all toolbox meetings and talks. Pre-start meetings will be held to discuss the daily activity plan to ensure that all workers are advised of particular risks that will be encountered and the appropriate risk control measures to be followed in the carrying out of a project, and that sufficient competent personnel are available to carry out work which requires a particular competency. Records will be made and kept of all meetings.