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humanitarian disaster and immense proportion

A greater point of emphasis will be placed upon Africa as the UN seeks to bolster its partnership with the African Union as both entities strive for lasting peace on the continent, especially in countries like “Mali and the Sahel, South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

In Yemen, a humanitarian disaster of immense proportion continues because of the ongoing conflict. Guterres stated the Stockholm Agreement prevented what would have become a disastrous military battle in Hudaydah exacerbating the famine in the country.

The efforts of the UN in Libya, as a result of the ceasefire it helped to broker, has remained and he cited the need to advance this process by creating a National Conference to move towards “reconciliation and future elections.” Syria, on the other hand, remains mired in conflict creating a humanitarian nightmare displacing millions of people from their homes. The Secretary-General’s appointment of a Special Envoy brings hope that a peaceful outcome can occur in a country that has only experienced violence and chaos.