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Interactive Health Ecology Access Links (IHEAL) is an international information network to support public access to health and the environment information. The vision of IHEAL is to create a global network of independent community monitors who share scientifically qualified information over the Internet with environmental health activists, information technology professionals and members of the public.

It enables people and communities to:

  • Access information about environmental health concerns and strategies
  • Openly share grassroots environment and health information via interlinked data bases
  • Communicate their knowledge and experience of their community environment
  • Map relationships and uncover patterns in community health
  • Deploy geographic information systems (GIS) on the locational implications of environmental health
  • Understand relationships between health and the world we live in – the ecology of health
  • Advance community monitoring of the dynamics of environmental health of Europe

This is an open process of cooperation among non-governmental organizations working within the context of the Aarhus Convention on Public Participation. IHEAL-Europe notably supports the Pollution Release and Transfer Registry (PRTR) and National Environment and Health Action Plan (NEHAP) pan-European initiatives.

The initiators are UNED-UK (coordinator), International Campaign for Responsible Technology (I-CRT), Union of International Associations (UIA), Right to Know Network, and Environmental Partnership of Central and Eastern Europe (EPCE).

IHEAL-Europe was previewed at the European EcoForum meeting in Moldova (April 1999). It was launched at the Third European Conference on Environment and Health (London, June 1999), convened by the World Health Organization (WHO/EURO), and its parallel Healthy Planet Forum.

Initial financial support for IHEAL-Europe has been provided by DGXI of the European Commission. Matching funds and resources contributed by the UNED-UK, I-CRT and UIA.