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Transformation at the Ministry of Labour

The ministry is committed to sustaining the effective and efficient delivery of programs that protect workers’ health and safety and their employment rights, and support timely resolution of disputes to assure a competitive economy. To meet our commitments, the ministry must continue to adapt to changes in the environment it operates within – including globalization and its effects on Ontario’s economy and the labour market, lower rates of unionization, and the growth of precarious work.

To respond to these and other challenges successfully, the ministry must continue to innovate by using data effectively, and by looking for ways to continuously improve results and services to the public. Staff from across the ministry have come together to bring their knowledge, experience and creative thinking to develop strategies for meeting the ministry’s biggest challenges.

In 2014, the ministry moved to implement the innovation initiatives launched in 2013: regulatory modernization, small business engagement in health and safety, vulnerable worker engagement, initiatives to strengthen workplace responsibilities, building a data warehouse to provide a foundation for analytics, and the initiative to transform public sector collective bargaining.

The ministry launched a risk assessment project in 2013 that demonstrated the potential value of risk based approaches to occupational health and safety regulation. Based on the proof of concept, the ministry has begun to move forward with risk management in the OHS context. The goal is to enable the OHS system partners to work together with employers and workers in reducing risks to worker health and safety sector by sector, in a way that is measurable. The ministry has begun to act on the results of risk assessment in the underground mining sector, and will move forward in a range of additional sectors.

The transformation work the ministry has done to date provides a foundation for moving forward on the priorities identified above for the Ministry of Labour. The ministry will focus on these priorities in consultation with other ministries, stakeholders and the public to advance safe, fair and respectful workplace practices that are essential to the social and economic well-being of the people of Ontario.

This work will also contribute to growing the economy and helping to create good jobs.