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how to write an argument essay on ”to lose is to win”

Write an argument essay on the topic “To lose is to win.” You may argue for or against the topic.

Based on your experience, observations, and study, take a position for or against the view giving reasons in support your opinion.

Introduce the topic so as to make the essay interesting and go on to state why the topic is important/ why readers should care about the issue.  Present your thesis in the introduction and give three points in support of the thesis.

Support each of the three points in a separate paragraph.  Use transitions to show clear progression of thought. Each paragraph should be limited to one general idea supported by examples and details.

Present differing points of view regarding the topic, not aligning with your own. Make sure not to run down opposing opinions as outright wrong. Other positions may not be well informed or up- to- date on the topic. Perhaps, it is helpful to think of an argument essay in terms of a conversation or debate with a classmate.

Conclude your essay by emphasizing how the topic is important, reviewing the main points, and your thesis. You may indicate how further study is needed and what action needs to be taken.

Pay special attention to grammar and style.