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How to restore investor confidence in future organizations.

 Create an Inspiring Vision

People need a compelling reason to follow your lead, and this is why you need to create and communicate an inspiring vision of the future.

Your vision sets out your team or organization’s purpose  – why you all get up in the morning to do what you do. You develop this partly by understanding the values  of the people you lead, partly by understanding the capabilities  and resources  of your organization, and partly by conducting an intelligent analysis of your environment, and selecting the best way forward within it.

This is the subject of business unit strategy, and developing a coherent strategy takes a lot of hard work and careful thought.

If you’re developing a vision for your organization, use Mullins’ Seven Domains Model  to analyze your environment. Then, use tools such as Lafley and Martin’s Five-Step Strategy Model  to develop your strategy. This is usually then expressed in a business plan , and summarized in a mission statement .

If you’re developing a vision for your team, start with the company’s mission and vision, and explore the ways in which your team can contribute directly to it.