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How to Control Carcinogens in Chemical Production,

4.8.3 Instal/ation Cost: The cost of installation can equal or exceed the cost of the collector. Actual cost will depend on the method of shipment (completely assembled, sub-assembled or completely knocked down), the location (which may require expensive rigging), and the need for expensive supporting steel and access platforms. Factory installed media will reduce installation cost. The cost can also be measurably influenced by the need for water and drain connections, special or extensive electrical work, and expensive material handling equipment for collection material disposal. Items in the latter group will often also be variable, decreasing in cost per cfm as the flow rate of gas to be cleaned increases. 4.8.4 Special Construction: Prices shown in any tabulation must necessarily assume standard or basic construction. The increase in cost for corrosion resisting material, special high-temperature fabrics, insulation, andlor weather protection for outdoor installations can