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How Is Impairment Loss Calculated?

Selecting a Format to Display Inquiry Search Results

Before initiating an inquiry from the Account Balances page, specify the search results display format:

  • Period Listing (the default), displays search results with periods stacked vertically.
  • Period Trend, displays search results with periods shown horizontally.

From the displayed search results you can:

  1. drill up on the Summary Accounts icon to summary balances in the Summary Balances page
  2. drill down on summary accounts to detail balances in the Detail Balances page
  3. drill down on period-to-date balances to journal lines in the Journal Lines page, and further drill down to subledger details

Drilling Down to Subledgers from Journal Lines

Whether you drill down to journal lines from summary or detail balances, you can click on a debit or credit amount link in the Journal Lines page to drill down to subledger detail information in the Subledger Details page.

Drilling down to subledger transaction detail is supported for the following products, if installed, and for the indicated transaction types

  • Oracle Receivables: Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, Credit Memo Applications, Debit Memos, Chargebacks, Miscellaneous Receipts, Trade Receipts, Rate Adjustments, and Adjustment
  • Oracle Payables: Purchase Invoices, Payments, and Reconciled Payments
  • Oracle Assets: Additions and Depreciation
  • Oracle Projects: Labor Cost, Miscellaneous Transaction, Revenue, Total Burdened Cost, Usage Cost, and Inventory
  • Oracle Purchasing: Receiving and Accrual
  • Oracle Inventory: MTL and Work in Process

Conducting a Search

To perform an inquiry, choose the New Search button from the Account Balances page. The Search region displays in the Account Balances page.

In the Search region, the Currency Type drop-down list displays two options: Entered and Translated. If you are performing the inquiry for a single foreign currency using the Entered currency type, the PTD and YTD balances displayed include only amounts from journals entered in the foreign currency. Search results also show the Converted PTD and YTD amounts, which are the ledger currency equivalents of the foreign currency amounts.

If you are performing the inquiry for a single foreign currency using the Translated currency type, search results display PTD and YTD balances translated from your ledger currency to the foreign currency. Note that there are no Converted PTD or YTD balances.