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How human development can be sustainable

Sustainable Development is a process in which development can be sustained for generations. It means improving the quality of human life while at the same time living in harmony with nature and maintaining the carrying capacity of the life supporting ecosystem. Development means increasing the society’s ability to meet human needs. Economic growth is an important component but cannot be a goal in itself. The real aim must be to improve the quality of human existence to ensure people to enjoy long, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Sustainable development focuses at integration of development and environmental imperatives. It modifies the previously unqualified development concept. To be sustainable, development must possess both economic and ecological sustainability. The concept of sustainable development indicates the way in which development planning should be approached.

For being sustainable development must be both economic and environmentally viable. The necessary condition for achieving sustainable development is ecological security, economic efficiency and social equity. Sustainable development is, in fact, a multi-dimensional concept involving three interacting aspects–ecology, economy and ethics. Ecological restoration, economic betterment and social justice mutually reinforce one another. In practice environment protection is the development because environment degradation leads to poverty and distorted development. Sustainable development is the only path for conserving and promoting the socio-economic well-being of people.