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how genes determine development.

Sheffield Research and Teaching:

  • 1st in the UK for Biomedical Sciences Research in the Research Excellence Framework 2014.
  • Top for student experience in the Times Higher Education Awards 2014

Student testimonials:

“The MSc Genomic Medicine has enabled me to start my career in the NHS with a sound understanding of the real world impact of genomics and how the future of healthcare can benefit from its application”
– Kate Hobson, BSc, MSc

“I undertook the MSc in Genomic Medicine primarily because of my interest in this field, and it has been hugely informative in the use of genomics in diagnosing and treating disease. The MSc has been extremely useful in my professional development, as molecular pathology is a growing area within my specialty, and in particular it has helped my general understanding of the omic technologies and analysis of large scale data. Additionally, by undertaking the research component, I have been able to develop key skills and produce experimental data which are beneficial to me for future PhD Fellowship applications”
– Dr Lisette Martin, Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

“This MSc in genomic medicine helped me to secure a consultant job at one of the best NHS trusts in the UK, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts. Genomics in general is going to be the future of diagnostic services, pathology in particular, in which many of our services are increasingly including genomic data to help personalise diagnosis and treatment. University of Sheffield as a regional course leader, created great opportunities for many NHS staff to train in genomics in order to improve the services in the region. The course was amazing, very informative and was delivered by professional and extremely knowledgable persons.”
– Dr Ali Al-Omari, NHS Consultant in Histopathology