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How Critical Path Analysis (CPA) Works

Recognize the limitations of organizational behavior. Organizational Behavior will not abolish conflict and frustration; it can only reduce them. It is a way to improve, not an absolute answer to problems.

Furthermore, it is but part of the whole cloth of an organization.

We can discuss organizational behavior as a separate subject, but to apply it, we must tie it to the whole reality. Improved organizational behavior will not solve unemployment.

Organizational Behavior will not make up for our deficiencies, cannot substitute for poor planning, inept organizing, or inadequate controls. It is only one of the many systems operating within a larger social system.

3 major limitations of OB are;

  • Behavioral Bias.
  • The Law of Diminishing Returns.
  • Unethical Manipulation of People.

Learn how these organizational behavior limitations work.

Organizational Behavior Model

Organizational Behavior Model Chart

The OB model Shows the 3 levels, Individual level, Group level, and Organization System level and how they impact the elements of human output.

The above figure presents the skeleton on which constructed OB model.

It proposes that there are three levels of analysis in OB and that, as we move from the individual level to the organization systems level, we add systematically to our understanding of behavior in organizations.

The three basic levels are analogous to building blocks; each level is constructed on the previous level.

Group concepts grow out of the foundation laid in the individual section; we overlay constraints on the individual and group in order to arrive at organizational behavior.