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High Socioeconomic Status African American Men

Blank (2013) observes that white men in some cases often sue female black Caribbean employees as their sexual concubines, a practice that had its historical roots in slavery, where white men used to sexually harass black women. Although they married white women, they continued to engage in extra-marital sexual harassments with their Caribbean employees. In the same way, pregnancy in the workplace is still discouraged by many companies since it reduces the time that women take in the organization to work. According to Blank (2013), this practice had slavery roots. During that time, childbearing was discouraged since it minimized the length of time that a woman would take in the fields. Some pregnant slaves would attempt to abort their fetuses or commit infanticide in order to avoid bringing up their children as slaves. In the event that slave Caribbean women gave birth, they were assigned older female slaves to provide care for the baby as they worked in the fields.