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Healthcare Organizations Use Social Media for Self-Promotion

The rate of social media adoption to consumers and businesses is forecasted to continually increase. With a constantly growing population, healthcare organizations need to stand out in order to maintain a practice. Clinics are seeking an authentic voice, a way to build relationships with patients and healthcare professionals through the connecting power of social media. With 196 million social media users, physicians understand social media as a way to advertise services. Organizations can promote their recent research, educate consumers, advertise specialties and service, client testimonials, etc. Being that a large portion of Americans use the internet for healthcare research, it is vital to the livelihood of a healthcare organization to promote their services via social media and other mediums. Taking advantage of the connection aspect of social media, patients and doctors can connect virtually, giving the consumer the ultimate convivence. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “approximately 60% of physicians were found to favor interacting with patients through social media for the purpose of providing patient education and health monitoring, and for encouraging behavioral changes and drug adherence.” Whether it’s a simple question or requesting a prescription refill, establishing that relationship online, will keep the patient loyal to the organization. The two-way discussion pathway is bond established with the development of social media and won’t be disappearing anytime soon.