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Growing your leadership skills

As special educators, we thrive on helping children and youth with disabilities access the general curriculum and accomplish the academic and social goals established by our culture. 

We bring many strengths to our work: individualizing instruction, assessing progress on a continuing basis, applying knowledge of developmental readiness, using research-based strategies to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills, preparing youth for independence, and problem-solving with data. Our skills are not static; they must be updated, enhanced, and expanded.

The CEC Professional Development Services Team creates ongoing professional learning opportunities for special educators, early interventionists, and others instructing and supporting children and youth with exceptionalities.  CEC’s professional development offerings relate to the issues and trends of our field, as well as the larger arena of education. They use formats that educators themselves use every day, taking advantage of research on optimized adult learning, and inviting feedback to remain relevant.

At CEC, you’ll find professional development offerings to meet the needs of all special educators – including those of you who are time-crunched, cost-conscious or in need of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in order to meet state obligations. Please join us and invite others to engage the potential!