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How to Set Career Goals
Whew! We’ve gone over a ton of stuff already but now we’re getting to the most important part…how to set your career goals.

When it comes to setting your own career goals, it’s important to look first at the big picture, and then focus in on the smaller steps you’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve that end result. That means looking at the long-term and then the short-term.

First identify exactly what you ultimately want to achieve with your career. Is it a management position? Leadership role? CEO? Now is the time to think BIG! What are your goals?

Next, start outlining what you’ll need to do in order to achieve this ultimate goal. These are your short-term supporting goals and should include:

Learning more about what it takes to achieve your long-term goal.
Getting the education and training you need.
Gaining the experience and developing the associated skills related to your long-term goal.
Making the connections and networking with the people in your chosen field who can help you achieve your goal.
That’s it! Simple, right?

Of course, career goals don’t have to be limited to just one final end result. It’s perfectly acceptable to have multiple long-term career goals. The important thing is to have a reasonable, actionable plan of attack that will help you achieve those goals.