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Develop and Integrate the Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is written by an executive team; developed by a cross-section of employees from various functions; or designed by organization development, corporate communications, marketing, supplier relationships, and/or Human Resources staff, depending on the organization and its internal mode of operation and management style.

A Code of Conduct that is developed either by a powerful, esteemed executive, often also the owner, or by a cross-section of employees sans such an executive’s influence, is easier to incorporate and integrate. It is more likely to affect the actual beliefs and operation of an organization.

The Code of Conduct will more likely achieve full implementation and integration within the organization when more stakeholders are involved in its creation.

Like the process recommended for the development, alignment, and communication of an organization’s values or the integration of a strategic plan, participation contributes to the successful integration of a Code of Conduct. Use these same recommended steps for your process to develop your Code of Conduct.