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Given this number of moles and the average titre value, what is the concentration of your iodine solution?

Learning objectives (remember these are different to the scientific objectives):

On completion of this practical, you should have:

 Become more proficient with the technique of titration (pipetting and buretting).

 Become aware that chemical reactions are grouped into categories that have similar

chemical features. Two such examples are acid-base reactions and redox reactions.

 Successfully prepared a standard solution using correct technique.


You have already performed titrations in your last practical session. This is a common

analytical technique that can be used for many analyses. In the last experiment the titration

was used with an acid-base reaction – a solution of base (sodium hydroxide) of known

A BIG Question

How do we unravel the causes of


Scientists all over the world are trying to determine

what causes many diseases and how to cure them –

cancer, AIDS, diabetes and neurological conditions

are just a few, high profile examples. Their research

(and therefore their ability to help people) is entirely

dependent on how careful and precise their

experimentation is. This practical provides another

chance for you to master some common laboratory