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Geomagnetic reversals

General Policies:
The University has provided a page on Academic policies here. Each student is responsible for reviewing this page with regards to issues of Academic Integrity; the Code of Student Conduct; Sexual Misconduct; Discrimination; Accessibility; Attendance, Absences, or Missed Assignments; Student Rights Regarding Undergraduate Courses; Official UMD Communication; Mid-Term Grades; Complaints About Course Final Grades; Copyright and Intellectual Property; Final Exams and Course Evaluations; and Campus Resources. For specifics with regards to this course, see the following:

Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone Use:
Recent studies have shown that:

People who take notes using pen/pencil and paper more effectively process and master the material, especially with regards to their ability to answer conceptual questions. (Also, taking notes by hand allows easier doodling, which has been shown to promote focus and memory).
More importantly, people using laptops are likely to start multitasking (pulling up social media; watching videos; playing games; doing work for other classes; etc.) and that such multitasking is detrimental to the both the student doing it and all students within view of that screen.
Towards this end, I very strongly encourage you to take notes via pencil/pen and paper. It is in your academic benefit to do this.
If you choose to take notes using a computer, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

Computer use is limited to following along with lecture notes, taking notes yourself, or searching for additional information (via Wikipedia, journal articles, and similar sites) concerning the lecture matter.
You will refrain from using your computer from any or all of the following during classtime: doing class assignments for this or other classes; using social media, texting, email, or other electronic modes of communication; viewing any websites or apps other than those listed in the first bullet point (i.e., no checking news, entertainment, sports, shopping, etc., sites).
Failure to restrict your computer use will mean that laptop & smartphone use by all students in class will be prohibited for the rest of the semester. Apologies to those students who prefer to use this method to take notes, but this is the only effective way of dealing with the bad actors.
When not in use, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all other modes of electronic communication must be turned off and stowed away during class and discussion time. (NOTE: using your smartphone between your legs underneath the desk is NOT “stowed away”, and you aren’t and have never fooled a teacher or instructor when you try that…) If you are using the device for recording lectures, please activate them then leave them untouched for the remainder of the lecture.

That said, there may be some group activities in which we will use individual laptops/tablets/smartphones in class. Dr. Holtz will make every effort to inform you about this in advance. However, in those situations you may only use these devices for the task at hand.

Course Evaluations:
CourseEvalUM will be open for students to complete their evaluations during the last two weeks of the semester. Students can access CourseEvalUM through ELMS to complete their evaluations. You will be alerted about these dates and provided more information closer to that time, and students will be alerted via their official University e-mail account.

Students who complete evaluations for all of their courses in the previous semester (excluding summer), can access the posted results via Testudo’s CourseEvalUM Reporting link for any course on campus that has at least a 70% response rate. You can find more information, including periodic updates, at the IRPA course evaluation website. The expectation is that all students will complete these. This is YOUR chance to anonymously evaluate this class: please use this opportunity!

Copyright: © 2019 Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. as to this syllabus, all lectures, and all written material provided in this course. Students are prohibited from copying and selling course materials, from selling lecture notes, and from being paid to take lecture notes without the express written permission of the professor teaching this course. Violations of this prohibition will be treated as violations of the University Honors Code and reported and dealt with accordingly.