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Gas Evolution CTS2 programmers of Edge innovation

The reinvented Gas Evolution CTS2 programmers are Edge innovation with a new look and cool features for improved performance and fuel economy of your gas engine. Edge has taken the best of the Evolution series abilities to monitor vital engine data when you drive, execute performance tests and scan, read and clear trouble codes to the next level by adding a modern, easy-read multi-gauge display with improved programming, monitoring, safety and diagnostic attributes. These full color high-resolution digital displays are set in a rugged case with a buttonless touch screen, easy-to-navigate menu, light sensitive meter for the best viewing at all times and is equipped with a video-in jack that supports any compatible off-the-shelf backup camera or DVD player. Edge Gas Evolution CTS2 programmers have a universal mounting system for the included windshield mount or many custom pod or pillar mounts for that “right-from-the-factory” look and since the CTS2 accepts various sensors you can customize your unit with accessories to fit your specific needs. Power, style and control at your fingertips– Edge Gas Evolution CTS2 programmers.