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Fundamentals of Environmental Management

Climate change poses the single biggest threat to the future of today’s children.

Science tells us that climate security requires the global economy to be largely free of carbon pollution by 2050. 

To secure a healthy and sustainable future for children, we support the urgent global transition to a zero-carbon society underpinned by a bio-material-based sustainable economy. Providing a climate-safe future promises multiple benefits today such as cleaner air, energy security and sustainable jobs, along with smart stewardship of the planet’s resources. 

To achieve this, we want to take carbon out of the power sector by phasing out coal and increasing the uptake of renewables worldwide. We also want to help ramp up decarbonisation strategies in energy-intensive industries and support large-scale land restoration efforts. We work at city, sub-national, national and global levels to achieve these goals.

We are committed to working with all economic actors to speed up and scale up climate action to achieve the global transformation required to keep global warming below 1.5C.

Take a look at the video to hear our co-founder Sir Christopher Hohn and others discuss the important role philanthropy can play in slowing climate change.