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Fundamentals of Cyber Systems Test and Evaluation

Don’t let the ADDIE model above fool you – evaluation doesn’t just take place at the end, you should weave it throughout. “Formative” means to shape or transform and formative evaluations should be conducted at regular review intervals. So as you knit your ADDIE model together, remember to weave in your formative evaluation thread.

The purpose of every formative evaluation, regardless of context or curriculum, is to validate the instructional design and strategies to ensure the instructional objectives are being met.

The following presents a customized ADDIE model in action. Note that formative evaluations are conducted at regular intervals.

File:ISD development process.gif

The formative evaluation milestones seen in the above illustration are:

  • Design Signoff
    • After a preliminary design is created, it is sent to key subject matter experts (SME)w:Subject_matter_expert for review, feedback, and acceptance.
  • Storyboard Signoff
  • Prototype Review
    • Next, a prototype w:Prototype is developed, providing another opportunities for feedback and correction.
  • Alpha Review
    • After the changes are made, the prototype is now considered an Alpha version w:Alpha_version#Alpha where the instruction is fully developed and ready for review by the SMEs and client.
  • Beta Review
    • Changes to the Alpha version gives rise to a BETA version which is piloted to field users/SMEs. This is also known as user testing or usability testing. Here users with no history in the development of the course and who have similar characteristics of the target learner complete the instruction and provide feedback.

As the design of the course progresses, the concentration of the testing moves from content specifics to implementation and achievement of instructional strategies and verifying the objectives have been met.

As you can see, the final formative evaluation culminates in user testing, also know as BETA testing or usability testing. This user testing component is done before implementation for instructional use and is what this module is all about…