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form of personification

AnthropomorphismForm of personification that applies human-like characteristics to animals and objectsThe Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi or the Cheshire Cat of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
HamartiaThe character flaw of an initially rich and powerful hero that leads to his tragic downfall. This is also referred to as the tragic flaw.Oedipus kills his own father because he doesn’t understand his true parentage.
Pathetic fallacyReflecting a character’s (usually the protagonist) mood in the atmosphere or inanimate objects. Related to anthropomorphism and projectionFor example, the storm in William Shakespeare‘s King Lear, which mirrors Lear’s mental deterioration.
PersonificationUsing comparative metaphors and similes to give living characteristics to abstract concepts and non-human entitiesTaken from Act I, Scene II of Romeo and Juliet: “When well-appareled April on the heel / Of limping winter treads.”[