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Facilitating Communication and Bonding

You can minimize conflict in the workplace by helping your team members address their personality differences in safe, fun spaces like team-building games.

For example, the Bridge Building game requires teams to use verbal communication (not gestures or images) to work together and create solutions.

Conflicts often arise when a shy person tolerates unwanted behavior from a coworker and finally snaps. Instead of waiting until your IT person has “had enough” of that bossy salesperson, schedule a team-building game in which he has center stage.

Don’t stand by as your team grimaces at the QA officer behind her back, get them to open up and address everyone in the organization with clarity and respect.

  1. Stay Calm and Get Specific
    Managing conflict in the workplace means keeping it civil, especially if people have already “crossed the line.”

Avoid accusations like “you never listen to me” or “you always assign me impossible tasks.” Not only are these statements vague, they also betray the fact that you’ve held a grudge for some time without addressing it.

Don’t let the conversation devolve into a discussion of whether you should have brought this up sooner. Instead, bring up a specific and recent issue and address a focused issue.

For example, you could say “You interrupted me repeatedly in yesterday’s finance meeting” or “the perpetual motion machine you assigned my team to design is patently impossible to create.”