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Professional Development Grants

Washington State Library (WSL) funds Professional Development (PD) Grants to help fund professional training for library staff. These awards use federal funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Library Sciences and Technology Act (LSTA).

Organizations can apply for awards to send library staff to conferences, workshops or seminars, or they may bring professional training to their own library. We accept applications between 90 and 30 days before an event. We encourage everyone to try to take advantage of savings like early bird registration.


Qualifying libraries include public libraries, schools districts for their school library staff, academic institutions for their libraries, tribal libraries, and non-profit institutions and their libraries. If the library is not fiscally independent, the application must come from the library’s parent entity. Either a library or their parent institution, depending on their structure, has the authority to apply for these grants and receive reimbursements. The maximum per library is $6,000 per year. Libraries can apply for two types of PD grants:Send StaffOrganizations may apply on behalf of individual library staff members. The grant can allow up to $1,000 per person per year.Bring trainerOrganizations may apply to bring training into a library.Staff Application SampleTrainer Application SampleRubric

Please remember:

  • Only libraries and library staff are eligible to use the grants.
  • Limitations are included in the applications.
  • Branches of a library or library system count as a single library for award limits.
  • School districts must apply for school libraries.
  • WSL will accept applications until funds are exhausted. We reserve the right to release the funding in increments if requests are overwhelming.

Managing your award

The applicant organization claims reimbursement from WSL. All expenses must be allowable and documented with receipts that show both the charges invoiced and the payment made by the applicant organization. WSL can only make reimbursements directly to the organization. The WSL Grant Manager must approve all reports and visual projects before processing reimbursements.

There are three required parts:

  1. The WSL PD Reimbursement claim form—WSL mails this to the Contracting Authority with award notification.
  2. Each attendee or Project manager completes a narrative evaluation using an online questionnaire—This link to mailed to each attendee or Project Manager
  3. Each attendee or project manager sends a visual report suitable for sharing with other library staff throughout the state. This should be a short, original item. Acceptable presentation styles include Prezi, PowerPoint, infographics, videos, etc. that WSL can post online. Please remember to be respectful of copyright and give credit if you have permission to use non-original creations.