Explain why character matters in our modern world.

This is your first take home exam for this class. Please read all of the directions before beginning the assignment.

Directions: Please answer three of the four following essay questions using any class notes, reading materials, or class discussion information. You MUST answer questions #1 and #2. You can choose between question #3 or question #4.

You must demonstrate to me that you understand the material we discuss in class.

Reminder:This is a course on ethical behavior.

  • Question #1 (REQUIRED): Please answer the following two questions using the  article “Moral Character.”
    • First: Explain why character matters in our modern world.
    • Second: Using your understanding of Greek moral thought, explain why virtue is so important.
  • Question #2 (REQUIRED): Explain how the theorists after the Greeks viewed moral character. Pick two philosophers.

Pick ONE of the two questions below to answer.

  • Question #3:
    • A: State Noam Chomsky’s position or concern in his article, “What Makes Mainstream Mainstream.”
    • B: If you agree with his basic position, state why you support his thesis. If you disagree with his thesis, explain why.

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